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ILASFAA Mid-term Conference
Life Management Workshop
From A Supervision Training
Millennials Speech
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Review From two Seminars:
Customer Services in Health Care & Generation Y in the Work Place

Hi Jude,

Here is some evaluation information from last week’s seminar:
(seminar was on Customer service in Health Care and another session on Generation Y in the workplace)

Excellent Very Good Average Poor
Jude Kiah [ 69 ] [ 8 ] [ ] [ ]

Here are some comments directly related to your sessions:

  • Jude Kiah was an excellent speaker and kept audience involved
  • Loved Jude’s speeches, extremely interesting, healthier food and snacks
  • Jude Kiah was great
  • Enjoyed conference very much, Jude Kiah was amazing speaker, whole seminar kept attention and i would recommend it to others
  • Jude Kiah interesting and fun to listen to
  • Jude Kiah was excellent, a lot of usable info
  • Group involvement is more enjoyable and keeps interest
  • I thought the program was very interesting, thank you
  • Very entertaining
  • Jude Kiah kept attention, was interesting to listen to
  • Millennial talk was interesting but since a lot of us are millennials it was focused a little backwards for millennials
  • Jude Kiah excellent speaker
  • Jude Kiah very good
  • Great presenters, enjoyed listening to Jude – great speaker
  • Perfect choice of speakers for the first one early in the morning and then right after lunch
  • Great speakers, very well organized and time managed, Jude Kiah was very good

Thank you again for working with us on providing this Continuing Education workshop. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Ashley Riggins
Community Outreach Coordinator
Spoon River College

From The ILASFAA Mid-term Conference:


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for presenting at the ILASFAA Mid-term conference on Thursday, November 4, 2010 in East Peoria. We really appreciate your willingness to work with us as an organization and for tailoring your presentation to accommodate our needs and work demands. After the presentation I heard a great deal of positive feedback from attendees that enjoyed your personalized presentation and how much the presentation was adapted specifically to how “Customer Service” relates to our specific area . I know that you have worked with us in the past on several occasions and I hope that the relationship that has been built will continue well in to the future. Again, thank you for presenting and making my job as a member of the Training and Professional Development committee easy and successful for the Fall Mid-term conference.

Thank you,

Bobbi J Smith
Financial Aid Coordinator
Spoon River College - Macomb

From A Life Management Workshop:

Hi Jude,

I want to tell you that I truly enjoyed the Life Management workshop you presented this morning, it was wonderful and I really got a lot out of it.

The funny story I would like to share with you is just the other day my six year old daughter said to me "why do we always do the same thing and go to the same places" and I told her that is just part of our routine, then of course, she asked me what routine meant, but after today it looks like my family needs to focus on getting out of that routine!

One last little story, is my grandmother-in-law (87 years old) keeps a daily diary every day as she is carrying on the tradition from my husband's Great Grandmother. We farm so she typically keeps notes the weather, markets, what we're doing in the field, gas prices or of course anything note worthy world wide. When she first started doing this they milked their own cows, butchered pigs and chickens, so she would track how much milk they would get, how many eggs, when and what they butchered. Now that my husband and I farm their property I'm sure it will eventually be handed down to me, but the farm is a century old farm with a lot of history, so it will be interesting to see what this diary will morp into.

Thanks again for a great session and have a great day.

Lori Heagy
Life Management Workshop

Multiple Testimonials From A Supervision Training:

  • Enjoyed the info & presenter!!
  • Good use of examples. Also - "real world" discussion helps - ie "This is not easy to do but…" Helps us to realize that this is a process.
  • Speaker - well organized, speaks from experience, upbeat, adaptable to comments from participants, brings in outside ideas, thinks outside the box, keeps participants involved, good speaker.
  • Great session. Jude is awesome
  • Appreciate hearing your experiences and examples.
  • Tuff subject to apply - good application stories were shared

From Millennials Speech:

I had heard that Jude was a good speaker and he proved my contact person to be true/right. He put a personable spin on his presentation, and I think that is how he kept his crowd. He was truthful and right on the money, when telling us about the “Millennials” (young people) of today’s workforce. I know and have worked with some people like he was explaining. This was a good topic and job well done by Jude. Thank you!

The speaker was so good that I forgot to eat my cheesecake! And I LOVE cheesecake!!